True Blue Programs

Our fun modern program focuses on real-life water skills, including deep water safety.

Develops a wide range of skills and provides your child a greater level of confidence before making the transition to unparented classes. Research has shown that children who participate in regular swimming lessons at an early age have a competitive edge across all developmental areas. This includes not just swimming ability, but emotional, social and literacy skills too.

The classes focus on water awareness, mobility, and water safety. Our teachers are specially trained to understand your child’s needs with the aim of preparing your child for unparented classes.

This stage takes complete beginners and teaches them to submerge with confidence and to swim independently with an aid.

Our team is well trained for any scenario with nervous beginners. It’s not unusual for children uncomfortable with water to have a fear of lessons and even experience a few tears. We pride ourselves on being able to turn the most fearful or stubborn non-swimmer into a raving fan of the water.

Learning to swim requires the child to be comfortable under the water. Once we have built trust, we focus on building the confidence to submerge.

This stage teaches swimmers how to swim independently in a variety of ways, in both shallow and deep water.

Having gained the confidence to submerge and float (with aids), this stage teaches kids mobility skills on their front and back as well as developing their water safety skills unaided. Your child will jump into deep water unaided, recover, tread water, dog paddle to the edge and climb out. Incredible independence!

This stage develops the key elements that will be needed to successfully swim front crawl and backstroke.

Learning the basics and performing them well is fundamental to a strong and confident swimming stroke. This is especially the case with front crawl. This lesson takes the confidence gained in Independence and begins to build the key elements of a strong backstroke and front crawl.

Swimmers are taught correct body position, fluent and effective arm movement, breath regulation, and the importance of a strong kick.

Having developed the fundamental individual elements of front crawl and backstroke, in this stage your child will be taught how to put all the pieces together to form a confident front crawl and backstroke.

By the completion of Evolution, your child will be able to swim 60m of front crawl and backstroke without aids. We will also further develop their deep water safety skills.

This stage produces well rounded proficient swimmers. We continue to develop your child’s front crawl and backstroke technique, while also introducing them to the other two competitive strokes—breaststroke and butterfly.

Breaststroke is introduced while teaching them survival backstroke. At the end of the Proficiency stage, your child will confidently swim 200m of fluent front crawl and 100m of strong backstroke, while also extending their deep water safety skills with a 10 minute deep water swim in clothing.

The final stage in the True Blue journey. Graduation is our equivalent of a university degree in swimming.

This final stage prepares your child for most aquatic experiences they may choose to participate in throughout their lifetime. We extend their ability to swim long distance (up to 3km) and provide the opportunity to pursue competitive swimming with a swim club if they wish.

Equipped with a ‘skill for life’, they can engage in numerous exciting activities, from competitive swimming, to sailing, triathlons, water skiing and many more.

Graduates attend a special ceremony and are celebrated by all at True Blue Swim School.